2b)  Or drill through the center of the rivets with a 1/8" (or larger) drill bit.

2a)  To remove your old rivets, you can either pry under them and clip them in half with a side cutter.

          How to remove your old straps and attach new straps  

* This is a general tutorial, and because there are a wide variety of rivets and snaps used to connect straps to masks, this should only be used as a guide...


3)  Next, push the remaining portion of the rivet out of the hole in the mask.

1)  Most rivets, or snaps, are two halves that are connected together.


4)  Finally, attach your new straps and rivets.  Most rivets only require the two halves to be hammered together for a permanent hold.  However, some rivets, or snaps, require a special tool to attach them.